Psychic Readers

Adam Sartwell
Adam Sartwell offers intuitive readings through traditional tarot and animal oracle card readings, providing a client with a psychic "snap shot" of their present situation, the past influences, and potential future paths. His focus is on honest and practical guidance, with life-affirming inspiration, and his mission as a reader is to help people read the sign posts of life and master their own fate.
Ancient Ways
Inspired by the West African Dagara tribe, this form of divination aims to track the root cause of imbalance.
Dorothy Morgan
Dorothy Morgan is a Master Astrologer and Personal Consultant with over 27 years’ experience consulting as well as teaching on-line and in person.
Iris X Readings
Tarot card readings, scrying, dream readings, astrology, and bones.
Lyrion ApTower
Mixing Magickal & Mundane: Back by popular demand, Lyrion ApTower will be reading the bones (Cleromancy) at Celebrate Samhian 2016, using your energy blended with her unique objects to confirm your current actions or suggest other ways to solve your concerns or problems.
Matooka Moonbear
Hoops of Life Divination is a shamanic consultation reading experience aiding the seeker to understand their cycles and rhythms in the seasons of life.
Valerie Duda
Intuitive readings using tarot, oracle cards, and numerology.
Joy Gaffney
Joy will be offering Psychic/Medium readings, Spiritual Counseling sessions along with Shamanic healings that are tailored to your needs. She has been practicing the way of the Shaman for over 14 years. Joy is a Ussui Reiki Master/teacher and teaches various workshops on Spirituality including her most recent “Are you an Empath, can you feel the love that you are”. Her experience in both the Christian and Shamanic ways, help her pull from a wealth of knowledge which she fully embraces in her Heart. Joy is a highly sensitive Empath which enables her to feel your inner most desires as she helps to guide you on your true path.