Psychic Readers

Lyrion ApTower
Mixing Magickal & Mundane: Back by popular demand, Lyrion ApTower will be reading the bones (Cleromancy) at Celebrate Samhian 2016, using your energy blended with her unique objects to confirm your current actions or suggest other ways to solve your concerns or problems.
Ancient Ways  
Jennifer Hudziec, shamanic practitioner and fire walk instructor, brings the ancient practice of elemental/Cowrie shell readings. Inspired by the West African Dagara tribe, this form of divination aims to track the root cause of imbalance.
Bruce Hoskins (Aiden Fafnir of Lord Fafnir & Spawn) is an intuitive psychic and clairvoyant who performs readings based on the Pagan elements (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit), numerology, and astrology. His specialty is with the Dragon Tarot. His direct connection with dragon wisdom results in his ability to provide highly introspective readings to those in need of guidance or in search on answers. He performs for individuals, couples, and children
Juliet Bell
Juliet is offering 20 minute scientific/intuitive hand readings, sometimes referred to as palmistry readings
The Mother's Healing Touch
Delia is a Natural Born Medium, Empath, Psychic, Spiritual Advisor, and Energy Worker who has seen and communicated with the spirit realms since early childhood. Her gifts are widely sought after, and she has a solid reputation of assisting people who are grieving to find healing and closure. Delia is the owner of “The Mother’s Healing Touch, LLC”, where in addition to her work as a Psychic and Evidential Medium, she creates empowering spiritual healing-infused dream pillows and healing sachets. Delia has the gift of being able to relay messages from our loved ones who are no longer in the physical body. With great sensitivity and kindness, Delia provides her clients with a unique experience and detailed, convincing evidence that will illustrate the continuity of life after the physical death. Subscribing to a belief that one does not “command or demand” of Spirit, Delia uses her gifts to encourage communication from the other side, while acknowledging that a specific spirit may not wish to come through during your session. Delia is able to lovingly and sensitively relay answers, messages, and heartfelt love from the spirit realms to those of us her on earth. Through her gifts, the client is able to once again feel embraced by their loved one’s individual quirks, endearing personality traits, and unending love.
Alura Rose
Alura Rose has been passionate about divination and the craft for her entire life. She has dedicated over thirty-five years to studying the mysteries, which has led her to a calling to become a Professional Tarot Reader. Through workshops, books, studying and practice, hard work has rewarded her with strong psychic abilities. She is an Empath that delivers transformational tarot readings that empower the seeker. Alura Rose currently reads at Enchanted in Salem, MA and Zuzu's Healing Center in Melrose, MA. She leads monthly Full Moon Rituals, also in Salem, that are based upon Fairy Tales and the magick they hold. Alura Rose has been taught by the renowned author and teacher, Christopher Penczak as well as Psychic Tarot Reading by the Official Witch of Salem, Laurie Cabot. She is a Priestess with The Temple of Witchcraft.