A Sacred Place
ASP is a federally registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We manage just over forty acres of land in West Central NH, just at the foothills of the White Mountains. The land is open to all those who are willing to respect it. We regularly host classes, spiritual retreats, concerts, festivals, and other events, as well as providing camping, nature hikes, and a chance to commune with nature on an established spiritual site. At Celebrate Samhain, we will be selling sugar skulls, decorated and plain.
Antika Nueva
Antika Nueva is an eclectic one-woman company from Barnstead, NH, making handmade wire art jewelry, herbal soaps and salves, and soft and sewn accessories. I spend summers at renaissance faires and pagan events throughout New England.
Branwen's Dreams
Branwen's Dreams offers a large array of luxury-quality herbal wares for individuals with discriminating, refined tastes. Therapeutic Wellness Blends, Herbal Remedies, Organic and Natural Skin Care, Smudge & Linen Sprays, Perfume & Ritual Oils, all crafted in small batches in harmony with the sacred traditions of the Old Ways, and use only Certified Organic / Ethically Wild-crafted / Free-trade ingredients within sacred space.
Cerridwen's Keep
Hand made jewelry, cloaks, robes, altar clothes, herbs, essential oils, spell kits, candles stones. We have everything you would need!!!!
Cucina Aurora
Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery provides Kitchen Witch Wares for all your Magical Meals! Ritual Aprons, Hand burned wooden cutting boards and spoons, and cookie cutters. Our organic Herb and Energy infused olive oils come in four varieties of Rosemary/Oregano, Sun dried Tomato Basil, Hot Pepper and our famous Roasted Garlic. The all Natural Garlic & Herb Mix and Toasted Onion Dip Mix are happy additions to any spice rack. Our all natural cookie mixes take you to homemade magick in just 15 minutes! All of our products are gluten-free and dairy-free! Save the best for last...Dawn “the Kitchen Witch” will be there to sign copies of her cookbook Tastes From the Temple.
Diamonds and Dinosaurs
Crystals, fossils, tumbled stones, sterling gemstone jewelry, and unique gifts from around the world.
Fairy's mission is to provide natural and/or organic herbal healing and aromatherapy products to combat the daily stress placed on both mind and body. I use only the finest American grown ingredients whenever possible to support American farmers. In addition, I use Environment Friendly 100% recycled Kraft bags, packaging and shipping materials as well as 100% all-natural preservatives! offers handmade products created in small batches to ensure the finest quality. I care about my customers, every transaction is more than a sale to me, its an ongoing relationship!, its what's good for you!
Alternative clothing and accessories, including goth, punk, rock-a-billy, retro, and fetish.
Magickal Kitten Kreations
Crochet items such as cat toys both with and without catmip, scarves, and goddess dolls. Also jewelrey such as floating charm lockets with replacement charms, chainmaille necklaces, bat earrings.
Michael Longrider
Handmade Native American style flutes, drums, and handcrafts.
Moondragon Designs
100% Handmade, Pagan Made Goods, such as Capes, Cloaks, Hats, Scarves, Handwarmers, Beaded Jewelry, Wire Wrapped Stone Pendants, Jewelry bags, Brooms, Beaded Wire Suncatchers, and more!
Muse is the Mondanock region's premier metaphysical shop. We specialize in books and annuals ranging in topics including Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, Buddhism, Women's Spirituality, Alternative Healing, Psychic Develpment, Self-Help and the Paranormal. Muse is also your source for stones and crystals, Tarot decks, incense, resins, smudge, jewelry and ritual tools for a variety of practices. Visit us online at:
Mystical Inspirations
Wands, boxes, altar tiles, paintings, trees, fairy ears, head pieces, and jewelry.
Nicole Hansche
I paint with watercolor and acrylic paints on watercolor paper and canvas respectively. I sell the originals and have prints available of many of my pieces. I also take orders for custom commissioned pieces. Subject matter ranges from birds and nature, to fantasy and comic book/pop culture.
One Path Labyrinth Ventures
Ceramic finger labyrinths created in a ritual setting with focused intention and healing energy. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted, sacred tool designed to aid the user on their path to healing and wholeness. All of the stones used are genuine crystals and gemstones selected for their healing properties.
Rachels Rings
Hand stampled stainless steel rings and stained glass things
Sacred Spiritual Treasures/Squirrel Farm Pure Essentials
Sacred Spiritual Treasures - semi-precious prayer/meditation aids, mala beads, prayer beads, pendulums, angel jewelry, god/goddess mala beads, prayer beads, bracelets, and general jewelry.
Squirrel Farm Pure Essentials - essential oil based skin care products, facial and hand lotion, alcohol free hand sanitizer, sugar scrubs, insect repellants, and energy sprays."
Sinically Twisted
Fleece mermaid tail blankets, mermaid character magnets and coloring pages (similar to color books, but unbound to allow for ease of framing, skull lanyards.
Spirited Woodland Artworks by Roxie Zwicker
Creativity is in my blood and there hasn't been a time in my life when I wasn't working on some little artistic project. My art is my outlet - my meditation. The world outside disappears and I am in a world of my own creation. Fairies, dragons and fantastical beings surround me in my mind. I want to offer a glimpse into their world and bring as many people into it as I can, even for a moment. There are so many colors to see in things and there is so much inspiration in our world, we just need to stop and make time to observe it. We can live an inspired life filled with magic, I try to blur the line between fantasy and reality. I am happiest when I am creating and I really think that it shows. My work space is filled with all sorts of items I have collected over the years and they are all part of my creative world. My pieces evolve as I make them, sometimes turning out to be something other than what I initially planned, and I'm open to that. Feeling the materials and letting intuition take over is a major part of my creative process. I have heard from my customers and collectors around the world how they feel about my pieces and I can't help but light up (on the inside and the outside). That reminds me that I have made a difference today to someone and that is my ultimate goal.
Sue-Nami Soaps
Home-made vegetable poil-based soaps, beeswax based skin cream, therapeutic comfort bags, sachets.
Tanglewood Hollow creates nature-based materials to help children build a stronger connection with the natural world. These items include moon phase wheels, children's herbal study kits (child-sized mortar and pestles, herb cards, dried herbs, etc.), leaf explorer bags, tree exploration cards, invertebrate anatomy prints, minerals canvas chart, and more.
Temple of Witchcraft
Temple of Witchcraft provide candles, incense, potions, magical oils, charms, Temple merchandise and books.
The Gypsy Fae
Handmade clothing: Recycled sweater elf coats, Greenman and other hooded sweatshirts with pagan symbolism, as well as bags, scarves, armwarmers, and gypsy skirts.
The Robin's Nest
Handcrafted Incense Bottles, Magical Gifts, Potions, candles, Incense, Jewelry, Handcrafted Wares... We have a little bit of everything! The Robin's Nest takes great pride in supporting local artists and hand crafting many of the items we carry. The Robin's Nest is as diverse as the community we serve. Come see what's new!
The Silver Branch
Hand sculpted one-of-a-kind fantasy creations, including fairies, dragons, merfolk, gnomes, and more. Naturally shed faery wing jewelry and accessories.
The Wayfarer Tarot
Tarot decks, jewelry, and art
Wardworks Leather Creations
Hand-crafted leather masks fro celebration and ritual, fairy folk, leaf people, totem spirit animals, and bird masks. Also hand turned and polished native and exotic wood wands.
Silver and handmade jewelry, long striped stockings, sculpture, art, cookbooks, and more.
The Dragon’s Keep
The Dragon's Keep home of Dragon Keep Designs. We are here to meet all of your magical and metaphysicial needs. We are a family owned and operated store. Out website has over 8,000 products on it and is always growing. We are currently located at the Londonderry Flea Market, 5 Avery Road, Londonderry, NH, every Saturday and Sunday.
Llunna's Natural Creations
Naturally made jewelry and ritual tools. Museum quality skulls and bones.
Fairy Lady Glass
Handmade sterling silver jewelry, fused dichroic glass jewelry, and stainless steel jewelry.
Foundation Wicca
Handade midori-style books of shadows with custom inserts, wiccan-themed SoulCollage workshops, and elemental kits.
Lisa's Wire Creations
Wire wrapped healing stones, pendulums, suncatchers, witches wheels, loose stones, and custom wire wrappings done the day of the event.
The Whirled Tree
Guided by Spirit, the Whirled Tree sculptures and hand-crafted using semi-precious gemstones, pearls and crystals. Each tree is an original work of art and is intuitively paired with a base stone, many of which are locally mined. They are then personally attuned and infused with healing energy to attain their highest vibration. Rebecca has studied Attunement since 2013 and worked with masters from around the globe. She offers personal and long-distance attunement sessions upon request.

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