Workshop Room #1

11:00 Jeffrey Cerneson Cote:
The Energy Body-Dreaming and the Arte of Enchantment

12:30 Adam Sartwell:
Herbs of Hecate

2:00 Ellen Evert Hopman:
The Real Witches of New England Guest Panel Discussion

4:30 Robbi Packard:
Honoring the Ancestors: Storytelling & Ritual —

Workshop Room #2 (Garamond Room)

10:45 Dr. Kevin Ross Emery:
Coming Out of the Closet

12:00 Danielle Dionne:
Divining with the Dead

1:00 Dr. Skye Stephenson:
Obsidian: Dark Portal Stone of Power & Protection

2:30 Susan Marie Cote
Poppets and Their Uses

6:00 Lyrion & Raven ApTower:
Samhain Ritual —

Main Stage

10:30 Myschyff Managed

12:00 Misfits of Avalon

1:30 Akasha (Bellydance)

3:00 L.I.A.R.S.

4:30 Jenna Greene and Band